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St Lucia Property Title Searches – why should you do them?

St Lucia Property Title searches are performed at the Land Registry in Castries and should be done by your lawyer or yourself. Some basic checks needed in St Lucia when purchasing property:

Land and title searches checklist

Does the vendor have a right to sell the property?

Make sure the description of the property matches the paperwork? i.e. Size, grounds etc. This is very important, as building not here may not have planning permission.

Does anyone else have a legal interest in the property?

Is the property free from unpaid loans and mortgages?

Check who is the legal owner. In order for the sale to take place all owners must agree to the sale.

In St Lucia, debts stay with the land or company and not with the individual. So when performing title searches it is important to be sure that monies from the proceeds of the sale go to pay any loans or mortgage outstanding on the property.

Land and title searches are complex area and banks in St Lucia require that it is done before granting out loans.

Realty St Lucia company can assist you with all property searches in St Lucia..

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